Merging the old
and the new
in architecture

The mix of the old and the new manifests itself in the architecture of Turandot Residences. The building has two facades. The neoclassical one overlooks the Arbat and draws upon the Commedia dell’Arte masks symbolism, thus highlighting its next-door location to one of Moscow’s major theatres. The new facade looks out into a cosy inner courtyard.

The construction of the New Stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre was financed by one of Turandot Residences investors. The initiative presented new opportunities for the development of the Vakhtangov Theatre in particular and of Moscow theatrical culture on the whole. In its turn, Turandot Residences also benefits from the vicinity to such a famous neighbour. The unique atmosphere of high culture extends onto the house and defines its unique character.
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Merging the old
and the new
in architecture

The neoclassical facade is in harmony with the spectacular theatrical decor of the interior.

Thanks to thoughtful architectural solutions, Turandot Residences terraces let their owners enjoy panoramic views of the Arbat without falling victim to prying eyes.

Owing to its low-key Oriental design, Turandot Residences atrium further contributes to the peaceful atmosphere of the house. With natural light and delicately decorated with natural stone and cherry blossoms, it creates a space for meditation and relaxation. A space where Moscow’s raving rhythm sweetly surrenders to that of your own, whatever you choose it to be.

Landscape of the courtyard

Turandot Residences secluded courtyard has a unique landscape design. Offering lawns for yoga practice, tables and benches for weekend brunches and family get-togethers, it enables every dweller to adapt the space to their particular needs. No matter what, everybody can find silent shelter here, and forget, for a while, the chatter and clatter of the busy city.


The two-level basement has capacity for 93 car spaces and 5 motorcycle ones and offers electric car charging stations. The Turandot Residences high-speed lifts impress with their exquisite luxury and connect people directly from the parking area to the apartment doors.

Turandot Residences is equipped with Urmet Individual entry-phone system, which affords each owner a wide range of adjustable options, from basic to advanced.
Advanced engineering solutions:
  • Turandot Residences technical infrastructure offers a new level of comfort. As a result, every apartment can have its settings customised in accordance with the owner’s needs. The personalised systems include:
  • — advanced acoustic insulation and programmable ventilation in common use areas
  • — programmable air-conditioning and recuperative heat exchange systems
  • — automated control of domestic engineering systems (such as heating, electricity and water supply)
  • — personal security service and intrusion protection in the halls and the lobby
  • — 24/7 concierge service
  • — noise-free lifts from Kone
Security policy and property protection:
  • With Urmet, Turandot residents benefit from the company’s integrated solutions for video-doorphone systems, whose scope of functions can be regulated and extended by the apartment owners to fit their needs best, with the most efficient and reliable solution. The basic options include incoming call acceptance, OD, intercom, as well as some extra functions, such as memorising messages, storing audio- and video-data from operating panels and CCTV, photo display, readdressing ring signals to the owner’s mobile phones, domoticsa and complete smart home control. Thanks to Urmet, the Turandot residents are guaranteed utter peace, safety and security, both inside their apartments and on the premises on the whole.