Open-air terraced


The club house Turandot Residences offers six penthouses with private terraces, which are specimens of utter comfort, high prestige and refined taste. The starting point of the concept is “play on space”: the owners can implement here any – no matter how off-beat - layout solutions and create an interior of their dream.

The personal open-air terraces of Turandot Residences penthouses, overlooking the monumental Soviet Art Deco Ministry Building, the Arbat’s old side-lanes and Moscow-city’s modern skyscrapers, are a unique space in the historic centre of Moscow.

The apartments that overlook the courtyard, cozy and immersed in greenery, have spacious glazed terraces. They are hidden from prying eyes by thoughtful architectural solutions.

An individual terrace can serve as a garden, a tea-party parlour, a sports- or playground, a sun-bathing area in the height of the summer and an open-air study in milder seasons.

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