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Interior design is already complete for ten of the Turandot Residences apartments. The design utilises light and muted tones, which allows freedom for individual additions. If necessary, eclectic accents can be applied to enrich the initial economy of colour.

Likewise, the furniture, lighting, artwork and antiques will all add the personal finishing touch, and reflect the taste and status of the owner.

The use of natural oak parquet flooring, light marble surfaces with contrasting patterns, and many brass elements connect the design of the private apartments and public parts of the development.

Monochromatic walls with bright highlights rhyme wonderfully with the lobby interiors, where the accent colours and artwork lead onlookers into the wonder world of Turandot Residences. Although, if required, the parquet can be stained and the walls painted to any colour of the spectrum one desires.

Personalising a ready-made interior is a reasonable solution for those who prefer to immediately plunge into the vibrant atmosphere of Turandot Residences, rather than wait any longer.

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