Jade Jagger

The author of Turandot Residences’ intricate interiors and exquisite lobby is Jade Jagger, a British artist and a high-end Interior designer. A daughter of The Rolling Stones’ famous frontman, Jade Jagger started her career with several significant suburban estates in the south of England. Among her other projects there are the magnificent interiors of the Boglioni hotel in Marrakech and four luxury apartment complexes in Mumbai.

“I’m really happy to work on such a sensational project as Turandot Residences,” said Jade Jagger, an artist, designer and jeweller. “I’ve been fascinated by Moscow for ages. I found it challenging to create exquisite and classically luxurious interiors that should match and highlight the splendour and grandeur of the city.” © Jade Jagger
Genio Loci

Turandot Residences lobby and hallway benefit from commissioned original artwork by Vladimir Zolotukhin, a talented contemporary artist.

Natural wood, rare stone, polished metal and glass, and, of course, sophisticated lighting make up the universal design code of Turandot Residences’ public space interiors. The authenticity of this kind is certain to become a stylistic symbol for the current era. In reference to the play Turandot, the eye-catching details, spectacular Oriental motifs and the use of dramatic red are also a bold challenge to the conventional classics.

Attention to details
The recurrent theme of Turandot Residences’ architecture is the continuity of time. The house does have its character, manifested in the harmonious unity of the new and the old.
Turandot Residences Detailing
The elaborate concept behind the project ensures that the key elements, such as the sophisticated engineering systems, the rich diversity of materials, colours and detailing, all work together in perfect accord.

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